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Trio Educational Services brings together a comprehensive platform for K-12 schools, preschools and those who run them, to help them deliver the best education to their community.

Be Part of the Future of Education

K-12 education must meet the requirements of a growing population and societal demands.

  • Current K-12 school system in India alone, is one of the largest in the world, with more than 1.4 million schools with 250+ million students enrolled.
  • Around 130,000 additional private schools will be required by 2022 given the current trends.
  • Lack of adequate infrastructure, poor facilities and shortage of quality resources impact the quality of education (Source: EY India and FICCI report)

Here is how TES can help you with your K-12 education initiatives.

Unifying cultures with English Language training

Our increasingly connected world gives us the opportunity to connect, interact, study and work with people from different races, genders, classes, social and political beliefs. English has come to dominate the sphere of business, science, technology and research. The English language connects people of different nationalities, even if it is not their primary language of communication. Our English Language and Cultural Exchange Programme(ELCEP) helps students across the world reap the benefits of a multicultural educational experience and English language training.

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