K-12 Franchise

Disclaimer: Models, pricing and requirements are subject to change based on markets, and regulations.

Harness the potential of the booming education market in India and become an “Edupreneur” with Trio Educational Services (TES), by setting up a K-12 franchise. Starting a K-12 school is demands upholding the highest of quality standards and strict adherence to rules and regulations. TES has a strong background in creating award winning schools that make a difference to the lives of children, families and the society.  TRIO World school is among the most sought-after Indian Curriculum schools in Bengaluru. TRIO can help you setup a school with unparalleled subject diversity and infrastructure, that can cater to a wider pool of students. With the K-12 school market slated to grow at a tremendous pace, TRIO’s globally minded educational approach will help you cater to the needs of students in the upcoming decades.

A TRIO franchise can augment your growth as an entrepreneur by designing a school franchise with you and for you.

TES can advise you on the best possibilities after assessing available infrastructure, resources, and permits. TES will provide end-to-end franchisor support for making crucial decisions about curricula, infrastructure, interiors, marketing, facility planning, recruitment, publicity, business models, publications, professional development and teacher training, quality control and audits.

Trio Educational Services strives to take quality education to students across the world. Our solutions are catered towards involving administration, teachers and parents of students in all our initiatives. We offer franchising opportunities for both ICSE and/or CBSE curricula schools, in both urban areas as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.


Franchising lets you benefit from the presence, brand and reach of a highly reputed K-12 school brand. You can get your school up and running in a quicker time frame. You have a tried and tested system, which you can apply to your own school, with extensive support from the franchising team. You can either have it as your major source of income, or a means of generating revenue with assets that you already own.

TES offers you the expertise and support that comes with over 13 years of designing and running international and Indian schools. TES lets you open a franchise based on the model of our award-winning schools. Our schools pride in maintaining a harmonious and safe learning environment for our children, coupled with wholesome and balanced education. We have cutting edge systems in place for crucial systems like safety, security, parent communication, transport management and more. It makes it easier for you to build trust with the families and students you aim to cater to through your school.

Starting a K-12 school can be challenging for beginners or experienced educational professionals. Having prior experience in education, teaching, business or entrepreneurship is always an advantage while starting your own franchise. It is also important to find the right partners and franchisor for your venture. TES can hep you chart out the different aspects of the K-12 franchising and come up with a plan for your venture.

TES will provide training for you as well as the school employees to ensure that you provide the right quality of education through the school. We will also support you through research, professional development programmes, audits and more.

Location is crucial while trying to setup a school. Apart from having enough area to setup and run a school, one needs to ensure that your K-12 school is in a place close to locations where you are likely to get enrolments from families living in the surrounding area. It must be visible and accessible to commuters. The revenue that you bring in must let you comfortably handle expenses like rent, utilities and other payments.

You will typically need 1-2 acres within the city urban limits and 3-5 acres outside the Urban city limits with at least 50% built up area for setting up a K-12 school.

The minimum franchise period is 30 years. After the franchise period, the franchisee may choose to renew the franchise agreement and extend it.

We offer two kinds of models:

  1. Franchisee-Owned Company-Operated (FOCO) model is a highly preferred, low risk model for those interested in taking up franchise of K-12 schools.
  2.  Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated (FOFO) Model, for those interested in independently running a K-12 school.

As with any business venture, franchising does come with its own risk factors. We do a thorough assessment of the risks with potential franchisees to ensure that adequate measures are taken to minimise the risks. Risks may arise from failure to comply with / overlooking regulations or laws. It is also important to choose a franchisor with a long-standing good reputation in the market, to ensure that your franchise does not suffer from negative publicity. Having a trusted and recognised partner like TES, can help you lower many risks involved in starting a franchise.

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