Teacher Training Workshop

The need for effective teacher training programmes

A professionally certified, skilled and self-aware teacher is an asset to any school. A teacher training programme can give you access to the relevant practical experience and guidance that you require in order to fill that role.

About TES Teacher Training

Trio Educational Services teacher training workshop are available for Preschool/Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle School educators.

The workshop will equip teachers with the necessary professional skills, to cater to the individual needs of children and schools. The workshop facilitate the transition from theory to practice for child-centric learning. We incorporate current trends in global education through interactive facilitation and need-based modules for teachers.

Benefits of taking a TES Teacher Training Workshop

When you sign up for a TES teacher training workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn from a team of experienced facilitators, who individually, have almost twenty years of teaching and administrative experience in renowned institutions, across a variety of curricula. They will mentor, guide you and make your training an enriching experience. The accompanying internship programme will help you perfect the implementation of all the principles and methodologies that you have learned.

The Teacher Training workshop and modules for professional development are specific, practical and can be immediately applied in the classroom environment.

USPs of our TES Teacher Training Workshop

Details of teacher training workshop topics:

Pre-primary / Preschool teachers

Pre-primary / Preschool teachers should possess the skills to help early learners gain concepts that will set the tone for their future education and life. They help observe and support different aspects of a child’s early development. They must possess instructional techniques that can effectively engage young learners.

Topics covered in the workshop
Primary Teachers

Primary school teachers must be able to understand the aims of the curriculum and plan lessons and classroom activities accordingly. They must possess the skills to engage students, impart knowledge keeping students’ unique abilities in perspective and develop positive relationships with teacher’s families.

Topics covered in the workshop
Middle school

Middle school teachers must act as mentors and positive role models for their students. They should incorporate an enquiry-based approach in the classroom, and encourage their students to inculcate the same into their day-to-day learning related activities. They must also posses the ability to effectively accomplish curriculum goals through systematic planning and implementation.

Topics covered in the workshop
How to apply

Interested candidates can visit our office, write to teachertraining@trioschools.com or reach out on telephone at +91 80 40611222.

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